Dec 04

1st Sunday of Advent 2018


The service at St. Mark’s, on Sunday 2nd December 2018, not only celebrated the beginning of Advent but also Teddy’s baptism. Then as if that wasn’t enough it was St. Mark’s “Toy Service” as well.

The Rev. Eileen welcomed everybody, especially Teddy, his family and friends, before inviting Andy, Jules and Pam to come forward.

As Andy lit the first candle in the Advent ring, they told us about the “prophet’s candle” which symbolises hope.

We then sang the following to the tune of “Away in a manger”!

A candle is burning, a flame warm and bright;

A candle of Hope in the darkest of night.

Though troubled and worried yet we will not fear.

Our hearts are now hopeful, for Jesus is near.

During his talk, Andy, asked everybody to think of a way of describing themselves, or someone they love, in one word. Answered varied from lovely to gormless with many an adjective in-between! (Here Pam is describing her husband as “enthusiastic”!)

The word Andy was searching for, which nobody actually voiced, was “Christian”! He went on to emulate Paul (in his letter to the Galatians) and encouraging us “To live by the spirit” and not to “gratify the desires of the flesh”.

Also during the service Eileen encouraged the many people who had brought wrapped presents to church to bring them forward and place them under the Christmas tree. She explain that they would be collected by members of the Liverpool Police and distributed to children who otherwise will receive little, if anything, for Christmas.

The service culminated in Teddy’s baptism. (He had been waiting very patiently throughout the service!)

After the baptism Eileen took him down the aisle, and back, to introduce him to the rest of the congregation!

Of course we all prayed for Teddy, his parents, Godparents and friends and we wish him well on his Christian journey.

Thank you to Walter

for all these photographs

and to everyone who donated a present

to a child who might otherwise have none.


NOTE:- During the service Eileen told us that ” each Monday in Advent, at 9.00 a.m. there will be a service of quiet reflection that will last for half an hour.”  This service will take place on Monday 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th December.

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