Jan 01

End of Christmas term, 2017


The St. Mark’s School end of term service filled everyone with the spirit of Christmas as we sang “Child in a manger born”.

After Eileen had greeted everyone, and we’d sung that hymn, Mrs. Freeman presented the end of term awards.

The first awards were for children who had had 100% attendance that term.

The next to be presented were the pen licenses!

These took the form of a certificate and a pair of special pens and were awarded to children who wrote neatly.

These were followed by winners of the “Reading Challenge”.

One pupil from each stage (Foundation, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2), who had read (and had signed off) the most books that term, came forward to receive their certificates.

Mrs. Freeman told us that everyone had worked hard throughout what had been a long term and that it had been very difficult to choose winners of the “effort awards”.   However, eventually one pupil had been selected from each year group to receive a certificate.

After all the awards had been presented, and the recipients applauded, the staff and children of the school sang their three favourite songs, from their recent nativity production, “I can see a star in the sky”.

They sang “Tonight we celebrate” and “We are God’s messengers”.

To enhance her talk, Eileen invited Michael to come forward and open a gift.

This turned out to be a wooden block engraved with the message “Be still”!

Children led the prayers and our final hymn “Hallelujah! Sing Hallelujah!” was sung with enthusiasm, which sent us out in the right mood for Christmas.

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