A Covenant Service –14th January 2018

On Sunday January 14th we were joined at St. Mark’s, by members of Bescar Lane Methodist Church, for a “Covenant Service” which was led by The Rev. Patrick Evans. Patrick told us that Methodists hold an annual Covenant Service, at which they celebrate all that God has done for them, and affirm that they give their lives and choices to God.

Patrick also said that he had been given a magic set for Christmas and that he couldn’t resist sharing a trick with us!

So he showed us two jars under black tubes – one of strawberry jam and one of peanut butter! Then, “as if by magic” he apparently made the jars swap sides!

Then everything started to go wrong and the jars appeared randomly on either side and even together – peanut butter on both sides!

Patrick noted that sometimes we make promises to God and then we let Him down. However, we can rely on God’s spirit for the provision of Grace. God’s covenants are unconditional. They are not contracts. We cannot do anything to affect them. All we can do is believe.

Later Eileen spoke to us of God’s five covenants (including ones He made with Noah, Abraham, Moses and King David) that she said could be found in the Bible. The last one is the most important one for us – the one Jesus proclaimed at the Last Supper when he said, “I will never leave you”.

Of course, Jesus did die, but he rose again, showing us that, because of Him, not only are our sins forgiveness but we have the promise of eternal life.   He sent us the gift of the Holy Spirit, which makes us God’s children.  Eileen also stated that, as with the other covenants, we can’t change Jesus; we can only accept or reject Him.

As she discussed each covenant, Eileen exhorted us to tie a knot in the piece of string that we had been provided with as we came in! Presumably this was to help us remember them!

[Our lovely ecumenical band led and accompanied our hymns as they have at other recent services.]

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