Dec 16

Breakfast with Father Christmas

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On the morning of Friday 14th December children from St .Mark’s School were welcomed to the Parish Hall for breakfast where they were joined by Father Christmas!

The children arrived in dribs and drabs and Santa’s lovely helpers soon had their cereal bowls filled with milk and their cups filled with juice.

When he arrived, Father Christmas went round and spoke to each child and gave them a token gift to be getting on with.

Soon crackers were snapping, bubbles were everywhere and even hats were appearing on heads!

Father Christmas had to rush – he had a lot of other places to visit and many things to do! However, before he left everybody sang, “We wish you a Merry Christmas”!

A big


To Father Christmas

For making time to visit St. Mark’s

and also

to all his brilliant helpers!

Thank you too to all the children who came to the breakfast. You all behaved beautifully!  Father Christmas was very impressed.

Thank you to Morrisons, Southport and TESCO Express, Albert Rd. Southport for the items they provided for the breakfast.

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    Jo Ellison-Adams

    December 16, 2018

    Great that the children had such a lovely time! Thanks to all the elves that helped make it such a success!!


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