May 05

Easter Day 2019


The 11.00 a.m. service at St. Mark’s on Easter Sunday was an all age worship Holy Communion service led by Re. Eileen Heaney.

Easter Day

As we celebrated our Risen Lord The Easter Candle was lit with the words, “May the light of Christ, rising in glory, banish all darkness from our hearts and minds”.

Then the water was blessed and we renewed our baptism promises before Eileen walked down the aisle sprinkling everybody with water- much to the delight of the children present!

After the Bible readings, Eileen also spoke to us of new life. She asked the children what they liked about Easter and produced what looked like afresh egg as an example of new life. She then suddenly tossed the egg at our treasurer, Gordon. We all gasped expecting it to burst open but amazingly Gordon managed to catch it! [Well treasurers don’t want to se anything wasted do they?]  In the end it turned out to be a rubber egg after all!

Eileen then asked some children to come forward to have an egg and spoon race.  However to one team she gave a normal sized desert spoon and to the other a tiny spoon!

Now is that fair?     Well is life fair?

After a rather chaotic egg and spoon race she gave the children an Easter egg each and asked them to share the contents with those around them! However, when they broke open the chocolate eggs there was nothing in them – which symbolised the empty tomb!

The children then went to sit down! However one of them, Daniel, misunderstood and still thought he had to share his egg! So he walked down the church breaking bits off and giving them to people and as he got nearer the back, and had little left he was breaking of tiny little smudges of chocolate for people!!

The Communion service followed with children going up to be blessed.

Before the service ended Eileen announced that there were Easter Eggs hidden outside around the church for anybody to find if they wished. So, after the final blessing, as soon as we were free to leave, there was a stampede of children to the back of the church!

It had been a joyful service but rather long but all the children behaved and joined in brilliantly.

It was lovely to see the church so full.

So a


to everyone

who came to the service

and help to make it such a happy occasion.

May God Bless you all!

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