Sep 29

Good Shepherd’s Harvest Festival 2018


It has been a very hectic few days at the Good Shepherd Mission as they celebrated their Harvest Festival.

Friday 21st September was busy with decorating the building prior to the Mission Service on Saturday 22nd September.

Mary led the service, in the absence of Eileen (on holiday) and Andy (having to work). John gave the talk.

John spoke about how the harvest had been celebrated through the ages and, after the short service, everybody celebrated with a cup of coffee/tea and a piece of cake!

This was followed by a Harvest Festival service of Holy Communion on Sunday 23rd September. Rev. Brian Stannard celebrated this.

Harvest Prayers and Hymn were sung. Rev Stannard’s sermon started about his own life, in his early years, when (not unlike some children today) he struggled with Harvest as he thought peas grew in tins!

The passage, read from the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 6, he said was about worry. He said, “God cares for crops, nature, birds and animals and we can trust him to care for us.”

“We live in the kingdom of God now and we should accept God’s will here today as well as in the future kingdom. God is the dominating power in our lives. Live one day at a time, don’t worry about the future, it is difficult at times not to worry but we should be reassured that we have a loving God always available to us.”

After our worship we shared fellowship with a good cup of tea and biscuits.

Then on the morning of Monday, 24th September, the children and staff from Pinfold School walked down to the Good Shepherd Mission for their Harvest Assembly.They were welcomed by Mary and given a talk on “The Parable of the Sower” by Sal. In addition they enthusiastically sang their “Harvest Samba” with its rousing chorus!!

After the assembly the children brought forward lots of tins of food before having a look around the chapel to get a close look at the decorations.

Finally, everybody had a drink and a biscuit before singing the chorus of “The Harvest Samba” once more and leaving to return to school.

The last event of the Harvest Festival was “The Harvest Supper”. This took place on the evening of Wednesday 26th September.

Everyone was able to relax in good company as they were served tasty hotpot (complete with beetroot and red cabbage) followed by delicious apple pie and cream.

When we had eaten New Dawn entertained us. They sang a variety of songs, beginning with “Bring me sunshine” – the song which is synonymous with the popular, and never to be forgotten, comedy duo Morecambe & Wise.They followed this with their “Harvest Samba” (had they been listening to Pinfold School!?!) and songs which ranged from Gospel songs to fifties hits, which resonated with most of their audience -“Que sera, sera”!The songs were interspersed by comic readings. I wish I could remember them, to quote some, but I can assure you they were very funny!

As they reached the conclusion of their performance we were told that, sadly, this would be their final performance at The Good Shepherd Mission as they were retiring at the end of the year. We were sorry to hear this but wish them all well for the future.

New Dawn ended with an emotional “God be with you ‘till we meet again”.

The evening ended with the raffle being drawn! Wow! What a lot of prizes!

So all that remains to be said is

Thank you


everyone who supported the Harvest Festival,

to Pinfold School,

to New Dawn,

and of course to

Mary, Heather and all their helpers

for all the hard work they have put into these events.

The Harvest gifts were given to the sick and elderly in the area and all the fruit and vegetables left were given to Queens Court Hospice, who were very grateful for them.

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