May 24

“Hands of friendship”


For various complicated reasons, The On Your Marks, after school Church Club, met for the last time this academic year on Monday 21st May.  This meant that, sadly,

“the hands of time”

had moved on and we now had to say, “goodbye” to Leah….

….and Mitchell.

[If you are a follower of this newsfeed you will know that Lea and Mitch are  two German interns, who are currently based in Ormskirk and have been coming over to help at our after school Church Club.]

As a farewell gesture, all the children had drawn around, and cut out the outlines of their hands. On their hand they had then written their own individual messages. These were combined onto individual cards. After prayers the children presented the cards – one to Lea….

….and one to Mitchell.

Then it was time for the party to begin….

….with lots of delicious food….


….and fun and games out in the sunshine.






After the session, when the children had left, Lea and Mitchell kindly presented the club organisers, Eileen and Sal, with a card and present!

    Yum yum!


Not only have these lovely German girls been great fun and good friends to the children (frequently holding them in

“the palm of their hand”)

but they have also been a great help in organising and running activities, not to mention helping to clear up afterwards!

So everyone at OYM, including, Eileen and Sal, would like to say to Lea and Mitchell,

“It has been fun to travel

hand in hand

with you for all these weeks”,

we will continue to

“hold out our hand of friendship”

to you




“the helping hand

you have given to us all at OYM!”

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