Mar 27

Happy Easter from OYM


This term, the children at OYM have been very fortunate to have two extra helpers. Leah and Michal, two German interns who are currently based in Ormskirk, have been coming over to help at our after school Church Club, On Your Marks.

They have been a great help to the club leaders, Eileen and Sal, and good fun for the children to enjoy their activities with.

After their normal discussions and prayers, at their last session of the term, the children at OYM went on an Easter Egg Hunt. (Because the field was still boggy, in spite of the lovely weather, this had to take place in the church!)

Before they went home everybody was given a tube of Smarties! It had been agreed that, after having eaten the Smarties, everyone who collect as many 20p coins as they could, from friends and relatives in an attempt to fill the tubes. This is to raise money for their sponsorship of Mica at ReVive.

[For those of you who don’t already know, the Children at ReVive sponsor a young girl, called Mica, who live is Brazil and is cared for at ReVive. For more information about ReVive, click here.]

Everyone at OYM would like to wish you all a very


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