Joint All Age Worship, 10th September 2017

On 10th September 2017 Eileen welcomed our friends from Bescar Lane Methodist Church to our All Aged Worship Service.

Our hymns were accompanied, and indeed enhanced by an enthusiastic, ecumenical group of singers and musicians. Under their guidance, we even managed to sing “Seek ye first the kingdom of God” in two parts!

Eileen welcomed Patrick (who was at St. Marks for the first time). He delivered the sermon, based on our challenging reading, which was taken from Matthew 1 v 15-20.

During his talk Patrick engaged in “role play” with John. This was to to illustrate the points that he was making on how a small problem between two people, that they do not resolve, can escalate, through a major disagreement, to a conflict involving rival groups and eventually becomes an intractable problem. By this point many people will probably have abandoned the situation entirely!

It was an interesting, lively and thought-provoking service.

Thank you, and well done, to everybody who took part!

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