Nov 25

Learning about Ormskirk Street Pastors


On Sunday 18th November we were visited at the 11.00 a.m. service at St. Mark’s by Dave Much from Ormskirk Christian Fellowship. 

Eileen introduced Dave as one of the Ormskirk Street Pastors.

During his talk Dave stated us that Street Pastors had been first conceived in 2003 but that he only started in Ormskirk in 2011.  Apparently there about 22 Street Pastors in Ormskirk at the moment and that they normally go out in the evenings in groups of three or four.

Dave said that their role was to listen, care and help and not to preach but he told us that, if asked, they would, of course, share their faith.

He explained that Street Pastors worked in partnership with Local Councils, Police and Churches.

Dave then went on to tell us about a new initiative in Ormskirk, that of School Pastors.  These volunteers will commit themselves to the service of young people in their community – offering a reassuring and friendly presence to students who may not feel able to speak openly to teachers or parents.

These School Pastors will work in partnership with schools, colleges and other local agencies.   As with Street Pators they will work to enhance the safety and emotional and social well-being of students through caring, listening and helping.

At the conclusion of his talk Dave encouraged anyone who might feel called to either of these roles not to hesitate but to speak to him now or get in touch with him.

For more information about Ormskirk Street pastors click here.

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