May 02

Mothering Sunday Service 2019


This Mothering Sunday service, on 31st March, began with Eileen welcoming everyone – asking who had been given a gift or who had had breakfast in bed!



She then told us that we were going to sing three hymns in a row.




Eileen lit the candles

“The Happy Thursdays” led our hymn singing and, in fact, they sang the third hymn, which was new to us.

Later we had a question time to which the answers would be “true” or “false”. However, we were not very good at it!

Andy and some of the children led the prayers.

Eileen had told us to expect a special guest. She gave us a clue and said that the “special guest” was a hairy German!! “No, it wasn’t Liverpool’s manager as he was busy!”

John then invited the children to sit at the front with him – ready to meet the guest.

The guest then arrived!  It was John’s German Shepherd!

He made a good impression on the children!

John went on to tell the children all about his dog and how he chose to have him as a family dog.

Eileen then demonstrated how large god’s heart is!

The children enjoyed their “action singing” which always goes down well.

Bunches of daffodils were given out (to all the mums) by the children.













The final hymn was a new one to us and it was sung by “The Happy Thursdays’, the children and our puppet!!



to Walter for these photos


to Joan for this report.

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