Mar 27

Palm Sunday 2018


On Palm Sunday, 25th March, Eileen led a special Holy Communion service to commemorate “the Lord’s entry into Jerusalem”.

The congregation had been given palm crosses as they entered the church and soon after the service began they were asked to raise the crosses high.

One of the most enthusiastic participants!

During her sermon, she challenged us to consider what God’s responsibilities were and what responsibilities were ours. In talking about the characters that appear in the various Bible readings that we heard – The triumphant entry into Jerusalem; the plot to kill Jesus; the anointing at Bethany; Judas agreeing to betray Jesus; the Passover with the disciples – Eileen kept reiterating the well known phrase, “You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”.   Thus she considered who heard and responded to Jesus and who just did not listen. So, the challenge is, do we hear and respond or not!?!

Immediately after the service, Gordon was asked to speak on behalf of the PCC, and explain where we had got to with the development of the new “annex”. So everyone grabbed a coffee and sat down again.

He reminded us of the “Building assessment framework” that is applied by the diocese and then he told us what the PCC had decided to do in order to address these requirements.

Gordon then pointed out what we had already achieved and explained how the remaining issues would be addressed by the proposed annex.

Lastly, he attempted to show us what the new annex would look like, how it would be costed, and why there had been such a delay in getting started!  

He then asked for, and responded to, questions about what he had told us.

Finally, and most importantly, Eileen passionately explained the reasons why we needed the annex in order to fulfill the mission of our church in Scarisbrick.

For more information contact Rev. Eileen Heaney.

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