Dec 15

Scarisbrick Schools together Carol Service


It was lovely to see the church full of families at an ecumenical event led by three ministers, Father Boniface, The Rev’d Patrick Evans and, of course our own, Rev’d Eileen Heaney.

Everyone was gathered in St. Mark’s for the Scarisbrick Schools Together Carol Service, at 4.00 p.m. on Monday 11th December.

Appropriately the service began with everyone singing,

“Come and join the celebration

It’s a very special day,

Come and join the celebration

There’s a new king born today.”

The prayers were then led by Father Boniface and two children from each of the three Scarisbrick schools:-

St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School,

St. Mark’s C.E. Primary School

and Pinfold Primary School.

Following the prayers, pupils from Pinfold School sang an extract from the production of the Snow Queen that they would be performing the next day.

As the applause for Pinfold faded we all stood to sing the Calypso Carol before the Rev’d Patrick gave a reading and a short talk.

To reinforce his message he asked for volunteers to step forward to play “Pass the parcel”!

So, the first layer of wrapping paper featured Father Christmas. Is he the main reason for Christmas?!?

Each layer of paper was discussed as it emerged! These layers included:-

  • paper for a present for a baby boy – which represented the baby Jesus
  • paper decorated with stars – which represented the starry night when the angels visited the shepherds, not to mention the star that guided the wise men
  • the most dramatic one was the brown paper layer, covered with hay (which fell out all over the floor!).  This layer represented the basic, unadorned stable where Jesus was born.  Inside the parcel was a box of celebration chocolates, which encouraged everybody to celebrate the birth of Christ.Following Patrick’s talk instrumentalists from St. Mary’s led pupils and the congregation in the singing of the ever-popular “Little Donkey” before everybody stood up to sing the carol “Child in a manger born”.Finally, St. Mark’s pupils sang an extract from their forth coming Christmas Performance before the service concluded with a last Christmas medley and a blessing from all three ministers.

    As the service ended everybody was invited to refreshments in the Parish Hall and, as they left the church, everyone was offered a Celebration chocolate!

    Thank you

    to everybody who contributed to the success of this event.

     A very Merry Christmas


    all at St Marks Church & the Good Shepherd Mission

    and a

    Blessed, Joyous and Peaceful New Year

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