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Spring Miscellany 2019


On Friday 1st March a “Spring Miscellany was held to provide fellowship and an opportunity to raise funds to help support the running and upkeep of the Parish Hall.

The evening began with, our “Greatest Showman”, Paul being introduced as the master of ceremonies for the evening!

Then Eileen came forward but, before she said the Grace, she told us that our Church Warden, John Holcroft, had died at 6.30 that morning.  This came as a shock to many who had not already heard and could have put a serious damper on proceedings.  However, as “The Miscellanys” had, in the past been John’s creations – organized and run by him – it was deemed fitting that we should carry on.  He would surely have approved and maybe he’d even be smiling.

Following the Grace, a tasty hot-pot supper was served to everyone.

After the hot-pot plates had been cleared away, delicious apple pie was served with cream.

It was then time for the performances to begin and the first “act” was Pam singing her own version of “All I want is a room somewhere” to reflect the feelings of a teacher approaching retirement!  Although, I suspect it mirrored the feelings of most teachers in this day and age!  It was a great start to the entertainment and left me with tears of laughter running down my face!

Paul then went on to introduce “Oh don’t buy our Edgar no more violins” which was recited by Dorothy,  Jane, who delivered “A load of Bull” and “ The substitute organist” (with its amazing final punch line) from Heather. 

Appropriately, “Technology!!”, which was John’s turn, was preceded by adjustment problems with the microphone!

The first half was brought to an end by Mary and “The neighbour’s dog”!

Coffee was then served before the raffle was drawn!

Eileen was asked to draw the first raffle ticket, which she did whilst muttering how she never won anything on raffles. 

She nearly brought the house down when she drew what she claimed to be her own ticket!

However, Paul vigorously disputed this claim when he asserted that the prize was not hers but his!!!  Apparently he had been the one to buy the ticket!!!

{They even argued about which prize they should choose – some people are never satisfied!}

The rest of the raffle ran more smoothly with even the last winner, Joyce, being delighted with what she won.

The final half began with “They should have asked my husband” from Sal.   This was followed by “The Councelor” from Philip and then Jane and Heather were back with “The return of Albert” and “Dieting” respectively.

The program came to an end with Eileen reciting “The wedding”.

The food was delicious, the company convivial and the entertainment fun.  Altogether, a good time was had by all!

A big “Thank you”

to everyone who worked so hard to make the event such a success:-

those who organised, served and washed up after the food;

those who set up and cleared the hall – including the sound system;

those who performed;

those who generously donated raffle prizes

and, of course, those who came and spent their money!

Altogether the ticket sales, raffle tickets and donations for wine made a profit of £325.

Well done everybody!

Finally “Thank you” to Walter for all these photos!

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