Oct 28

St. Mark’s “Beetle Drive” 2019


At 2.00 p.m. on Saturday 26th October a number of us gathered in the Parish Hall for a bit of fun!   We ran a “Beetle Drive”!

Some people had never been to one before but they soon got the hang of things after everything had been explained.

Things started off quite calmly but became increasingly competitive as the afternoon progressed!

After four rounds (two of which had been won by Pam!) everybody was exhausted so we had a tea/coffee break – with delicious scones and cake – to reinvigorate everybody for the final four rounds!

By now everybody was so keen that there was a rush to the kitchen to help with the washing-up!

During the second half, the dice were flying around and, the excitement was so great that at one point John was worried that one of his competitors was going to have a heart attack!

In the end it was very close but the overall winner turned out to be Peter! Whist gritting their teeth, everybody applauded him as he collected his medal!(It wasn’t solid gold but it was solid chocolate!)

Everybody seemed to enjoy the afternoon and we even managed to get home before dark!


to Jane (and her daughter Katy)

for the delicious scones and cake.

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