St. Mark’s Harvest Festival 2017


Sunday 1st October 2017 was a very busy day at St. Mark’s Church.

It began at 11.00 a.m. with an all age Harvest Festival service that was held jointly with Bescar Lane Methodists.

A band, which comprised of members of St. Elizabeth’s R.C. Church, Bescar Lane Methodist Church and St. Mark’s Church, enthusiastically accompanied the hymns. These included “We plough the fields with tractors”, “The Harvest Samba” and “Seek ye first the kingdom of God”.

When we sang “My Lighthouse” three children who attend St. Mark’s School went to the front to help Eileen demonstrate the actions to the song!

The talk was given by Andy who told us about three gardens:- an Apple Garden, an Olive Garden and a grape Garden. He asked us how each of these gardens featured in the Bible.

As he discussed each garden he handed round (or asked John to hand round) the relevant fruit to the congregation. The apples related to the Garden of Eden (God’s wonderful creation), The Olives to the Garden of Gethsemane (The passion of Christ) and the Grapes to Jesus himself (The true vine). He added that Jesus is what we need for true life. Andy went on to tell us a story an old lady who had nothing and 10 marshmallows! The messages from this story were “Thank God”, “Thank Jesus” and “Don’t just say it, do it”.

At 4.00 p.m. the second Harvest Festival service was held. This was a more formal, Holy Communion Service. At this service Alan played the organ to accompany the hymns, which included “We plough the fields and scatter”!

This time Eileen did the talk and she also illustrated what she was saying with a variety of different fruit. However, this time the different fruits (from the “slender banana” to the tomato, whose right to be a fruit was disputed, were taking part in a beauty competition! The apple was about to be chosen as the most beautiful fruit when the top judge said that they should cut it in half. When this was done the rotten core of the apple (where it had been eaten by maggots) was revealed! All this was to show that it not what we show and do that counts but rather what is within our hearts!

As we left the church after the service, most people went across to the Parish hall for the Harvest Supper.

This was a great opportunity not only to sample a delicious Hot Pot supper but also for fellowship.

Finally as the meal ended the raffle was drawn and Arthur was deputed to distribute the prizes as they were called.

Everybody had a lovely time.

A very big


to everybody who donated food and

helped to decorate the church so beautifully

for the Harvest Festival.

Thank you too

to the band

and to the organist, Alan

for enlivening the services.

Thank you to everyone who sorted the meal,

contributed to the raffle

and helped clear the hall afterwards.


Thank you to Walter for most of these photographs.



and most importantly,

thank you to everyone who came along

and took part in our Harvest celebrations.

The following morning a number of people turned up to help box up all the food. The vegetables were then taken to the Southport Soup kitchen and the tinned food went to the Ormskirk Food bank.


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