Oct 14

St Mark’s Harvest Festival 2018


The first Harvest Festival Service, at St. Mark’s, on Sunday 7th October, was an All Age Worship Service at 11.00 a.m.

The previous day the church had been magnificently decorated ….

…. the entrance by staff and children of St. Mark’s School and ….

…. and the rest of the interior by parishioners.

After a welcome and introduction, from The Reverend Eileen, the Brownies processed down the aisle as the congregation sang “At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow”.

We then said sorry to God for the bad things we had said or done and were encouraged by Eileen to draw a smile on the forehead of a person next to us and say ”God gives you a new start”.

Children from St. Mark’s School then came forward (as did Geoffrey) to lead us in the song “Shine Jesus, shine” ….

…. before Bernard, at the lectern, and ….

…. a succession of children, at the pulpit, led us in prayer.

The final prayer, The Lord’s Prayer, was followed by the Worship band (plus anyone else who wanted to) leading the congregation in singing ….

…. “Teach me to dance to the beat of your heart”.

This lively song was followed by Eileen giving a talk based on “A Fruit & Veg. Beauty Contest”!

Contrary to expectations, the gorgeous apple did not win – because when it was cut open it was shown to be rotten on the inside!

Then it was time for The Harvest Samba once more (cf. Good Shepherd’s Harvest Festival!). This time it was sung by the children of St. Mark’s School!

The praise group singing “We praise God in the morning when the sun is bright”, the final prayers, the offertory hymn and the final blessing followed this.

As everyone left the church they were encouraged to find sweets hidden around the building!

Later that day a Harvest Holy Communion service took place at St. Mark’s Church and this was followed by a delicious “Bring & Share” meal in the Parish Hall.

A very big

Thank you

to everyone

who helped in any way

to make the

St. Mark’s

Harvest Festival

such a success.

i.e. Those who donated food, those who decorated the church and those who contributed to the worship.

On the following day, a number of people turned up to pack up all the fruit, vegetables and other food ready for collection.

Some of the food was distributed to the needy in the parish, and the rest of the fresh produce went to The Well Doers Soup Kitchen and the tins and packets to the Ormskirk Food Bank.

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