Oct 22

St. Mark’s Harvest Festival, 2019


St. Mark’s church celebrated the harvest on Sunday 6th October.

However, before that, many people, including children from St. Mark’s School, had spent a great deal of time and effort decorating the church for the occasion.

The celebration was in three parts.

It began with a family service at 11.00 a.m.

As the congregation arrived they were greeted in the porch by “The Harvest Store”, which had been created by staff and pupils from the school.

They then passed the beautifully decorated font as they entered the church.

In addition to the hymns accompanied by Alan on the organ, Joules and Pam led some songs and, at one point, they encouraged youngsters to come forward to accompany the singing on percussion instruments.

However, only Sophie (on tambourine), Raggy (on maracas) and Geoffrey (eventually on triangle) came forward to do so!

During her talk, Eileen revealed and held up, one by one, a variety of fruit and vegetables.

As she held each one up she asked the congregation what it was and whether it grew over the ground, under the ground, both or on a tree! [There was some controversy over some of the answers!!!]

Eileen commented on the variety of vegetables and how each served a different role in our dietary requirements. She encouraged us to look at each other and notice how different from each other we all were but assured us that we all had a place in God’s plan.

When this service was over, many of the congregation went across to the Parish Hall, which had already been set up with food for our lunch!

Those who went over enjoyed the food and the fellowship!

At 2.30 p.m. Eileen led a second, more formal Holy Communion, Service.

This concluded the St. Mark’s Harvest celebrations.

However, on the following Tuesday, many helpers gathered to take down the decorations and put all the produce in boxes or bags.  Then the non-perishable cans etc. were taken to the Ormskirk Food Bank and the fresh fruit and vegetables were picked up by The Friends Society to be distributed around the soup kitchens of the Liverpool area.

As always a BIG THANK YOU to

all those who contributed Harvest produce of any kind (your gifts were put to good use),

all those who worked so hard to decorate the church and clear up afterwards,

all those who provided food for, helped set up and helped clear up after, the Harvest Lunch

and, of course,

all those who attended the events.

Thank you too to Walter who provided most of these photos.

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