Jul 24

St. Mark’s School End of Year Assembly 2018


At 9.00a.m on Friday 20th July The St. Mark’s School end of Year Assembly was held in St. Mark’s Church.

There was one problem! When everybody else was ready to begin somebody was missing! The rev. Eileen asked who was missing. The children shouted, “Year 6”! As Year 6 were still did not appear Eileen encouraged the children to shout even louder. Eventually year 6 arrived and the rest of class 3 made an arch to welcome them.

After welcoming everybody to the service Eileen handed over to Year 6 who took the lead!

They began by showing a series of baby photos and asking the rest of the congregation to guess who each baby was!This was followed by various members of the group asking questions of one another and getting them to guess who they were talking about.

Having done well with their SATS year 6 then went on to imagine what the future might bring for each of them!

Ambitions varied from High Court judge to farmer

from artist to teacher, 

and everything else in between!

Year 6 then led everyone in singing “My lighthouse”.

After singing the year 6 children then reminisced about memorable times that they had had during their time at St. Mark’s School.

Memories ranged from Mexican day, through the Eureka trip, through the Brockholes trip, to Rock & River and finally the Hawaiian Party that the staff threw for year 6 last week. At this event we were told that there were Hula skirts, Limbo, a big beach ball and lots of fun.

After they had finished their presentation the headteacher, Mrs. Freeman, thanked all the Year 6 children for being such amazing students – reminding them that, very unusually, they had all ben together ever since they were in reception. She also congratulated them on their remarkable SATs results before going on to embarrass the children by telling everyone some of the lovely things that other children in the school had said about each of them!

Mrs. Freeman thanked Year 6 again for the contribution they had made to the school, told them that they would be sadly missed and wished them well for the future.

Mrs. Freeman then asked for the Rev. Eileen’s help and together they moved on to the presentation of all the end of year awards.

There were attendance certificates (for 100% attendance), good behavior awards (for those who had never lost any “golden time”), reading awards (for those who has completed the reading challenge this term) and termly effort awards (for one child in each year group).

Then certificates were given to all the children who had completed The Foundation Stage …..

…… and all the Year 6 children who had completed their Primary school education.

As well as the Bible and certificates they receive fro the school, Rev. Eileen also gave each child a small present from the church and they were promised a present from the PFTA by the end of the day. Apparently it hadn’t arrived yet!

Best students of this year.

The final awards presented were for the best students of the year – 1 boy and 1 girl.

Lastly the singing group stepped forward to sing ‘This is me’, from the Greatest Showman, before some Year 5 children led us in prayer. Our final song was “Shine Jesus Shine” and Rev. Eileen blessed us all and wished everybody well before the Y6 children led us out.




Have a good holiday everybody!

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