Jul 31

St.Mark’s School Leavers Service 2019


Shortly before 9am on Friday 19th. July, the children from St. Mark’s school came into church for the Year 6 Leavers’ Service. Last to come in were Mr. Dennett’s class. The six leavers passed under an archway made by their classmates.

Harmony, Henry, Holly, Libby, Natalie and Reece (the 6) introduced themselves. Photos of the children as babies and toddlers were projected onto the wall and we were invited to play Guess Who. The 6 spoke of their ambitions while photos were shown of the children dressed in costumes of their preferred occupations. They ranged from a goal keeper to a doctor, an author and illustrator to a Tai Kwando expert.

Everyone sang their favourite song, My Lighthouse, with actions.

After this Mrs. Freeman praised the 6, saying they would be remembered. They had all achieved 100% in their SATS tests, and had won the chance to take part in building a camera, which was then used to take pictures from the NASA Space station. They had competed with children up to the age of 17.

The children were the first to have a sleepover in school, which ended in them having a McFlurry after midnight.

Mrs. Freeman thanked Mr. Dennett for all his hard work with the group and the success which they achieved.

Rev. Eileen then presented certificates to children throughout the school for 100% attendance, for reading and for preparation for secondary school.

The service finished with prayers that the children had prepared.

It was a very moving service, and if you have never attended one of the services that take place throughout the year, you should, as you are missing something very special.

Thank you to Jane for this report.

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