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St Marks School Nativity Production


St Marks School Nativity Production

Wednesday 13th December 2017

What a lovely time the parents and teachers had as they watched the pupils telling, in word and song, about the birth of Jesus.

It was a great turn out from family members and friends who came to St Marks Church to watch the children.

All of the school took part.   Reception and Year One, dressed up as stars, angels, shepherds and wise men. 

And of course the story would not be complete with out the innkeeper, animals, Mary and Joseph.   But the most important person was baby Jesus.

The children danced and sang and the older years narrated the story of birth of Jesus from the pulpit. 

With the new sound system everybody was able to hear everything so clearly.   And the subtle changing of the light in the chancel gave a lovely ambiance.

The production ended with a prayer, thanking God for sending us Jesus and reminding us of the real reason why we celebrate.

The hard work put in by the teachers and the children was clear for all to see.  So well done everyone!!

Thank you

for the warm fruit punch and mince pies that the parents enjoyed afterwards,


thank you to Karl,

who has spent  literally hours and hours changing the sound system and lights.

Finally can I thank Eileen for providing this report and these photos!

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