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St. Mark’s School service 30th June 2017


As always this month’s school service was a lively and joyous affair!

It began with the vicar, Eileen, presenting certificates to all those who had taken part in the sponsored walk earlier in the week [ for Mica at ReVive International].

These presentations were followed by an energetic rendition of “My Lighthouse” – complete with actions.

Eileen then spoke to everyone about “crazes” that had come in and out of fashion over the years – such as marbles, hula-hoops, slinkies, etc .    Eventually she reached the current craze of fidget spinners!

She asked who had a spinner and then for a volunteer to demonstrate a trick with one!

The point of all this was to remind everyone about the Holy Trinity!

Eileen noted that the fidget spinner had three parts and no one or two of these parts would work without the other. i.e. The whole could not function, or even exist, without each part.

So it is, she reminded us, with our God.  She asked the children what the three parts of God were and ascertained that they were –

 God the Father,

God the Son


God the Holy Spirit.

The vicar then affirmed that these three aspects are all part of the same, one true God!

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