Jan 29

Surprise! Surprise!


At the school service on Friday, Eileen was in for a surprise!  She was just about to get going when Mrs. Freeman interrupted her!

Two of the children then presented Eileen with a bunch of flowers to thank her for all she did for them, and the school, and to congratulate her on becoming a real vicar. 

Eileen thanked everybody and told us that, like all of us, she needed the Holy Spirit to help her.

As the service progressed Eileen asked, “when he was asked, what did Jesus say was the most important commandment?”  Then she had another surprise!  Mrs. Trewhitt said that her class knew a rhyme about that.  So Eileen asked class 1 to stand up and tell us that rhyme.

This they duly did, complete with actions, reminding us that we should love the Lord our God with all our heart and all our mind and love our neighbour as ourselves.

Later Eileen surprised us by asking, “Who would like their photo taken?”

Lots of children put their hands up but, eventually, she invited Freddy and August to come forward and, using her phone, as they put on their best smiles, she took a photo.

Showing them the photo she said what a great photo it was but the boys didn’t seem to think so!  

Having asked them why they didn’t like it, it turned out that she hadn’t actually taken a photo of them but had taken a “selfie”!  [Another surprise!]  To cheer the boys up she did then take a photo of them!

Eileen told us that she’d been focusing on the wrong person.  She said, “Focusing on ourselves is not good.  We should focus on God to get the real picture.”

The service ended with an enthusiastic rendition of the song, “Shine, Jesus shine” and prayers led by the children.

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