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The Lunch Club celebrates Christmas 2017


The Annual Christmas Lunch was held in St Marks Parish Hall, on Wednesday 20th December. The hall had been decked out with lovely decorations and a Christmas Tree.

Before our members enjoyed their delicious lunch, pupils from Class 3 came across to sing some Christmas Songs, from their production, and Carols.

Whilst Mr Hunt was the technical man, Mr Dennett led the children in the rousing songs to the delight of all who were there.

After their performance the children gave each person a gift of mince pie and biscuits that they had made.

The afternoon continued with a three-course lunch, followed by a raffle – where each person was assured of a prize.

Everybody received a box of chocolates and all enjoyed a lovely afternoon.  


to the Luncheon Club Fellowship,

Ann, Janice, June, Pat and John

who work so hard,

not just at Christmas but all through the year

to bring lunches once a fortnight.

[If you know anybody who would like to come along, the first and third Wednesday of each month, contact Ann on 01704 541855. Doors open at 11.00 a.m.]

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