The St. Mark’s Toy Service 2017

Our 2017 Toy Service took place on Sunday 3rd December.

After welcoming us, the Rev. Eileen pointed out that this was the first chance, in a long time, that she and Andy had had to lead a service together.

Because this was the beginning of the Christian year, The First Sunday of Advent, it began with Andy calling for a volunteer to help him light the first candle in the Advent wreath!

Following our confession and absolution Eileen asked for volunteers from St. Mark’s School to come forward to lead the actions for our second hymn. She said this hymn was one of the school’s favourites – this may be true but I think “My Lighthouse” is one of her favourites too!

Then, after the intercessions, we were all asked to hold the toys that we had brought in the air, whilst Eileen blessed them, before we took them forward to place under the Christmas tree.

Soon the parcels were piled high and Eileen told us that the children, who the Merseyside police would be distributing them to, and who would not get much else for Christmas, would be delighted with them.

As he began his sermon Andy showed us some little clay pots (and a dinosaur head!), some of which had been made by his sons, which could be found in his study.  During his sermon Andy was telling us God moulded us into his image.  So, before he began, he invited volunteers to come forward to make a model of Eileen out of Play-dough that he had brought in!

Unfortunately there was a bit of a technical hitch when nobody could unwrap the dough until Eileen went back to the vestry to get some scissors!

Anyway, all was well in the end!

Thank you

to everyone who contributed toys

to those who might otherwise get none.

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