Jul 24

Toast & Butter


By 9.00 a.m. on Friday 21st July 2017 the church was filling up for St. Mark’s School Leavers Service.  Year6 pupils led the service.  

They began with two comperes who introduced a “show” called “Toast & Butter” which cleverly explored their relationships with one another and their hopes for the future.

The show began with two “contestants” coming forward and answering question beginning, “Who is the most likely to ……”   

Year 6 children came forward in pairs and were asked questions that revealed how much they knew about each other and had to hold up “Me” or “You” paddles in response. The pair who agreed on the most answered was the “winner”!   

In the next part, each of the year 6 pupils revealed their ambitions for the future.  

These aspirations ranged from CEO to Lead Lego Designer, with practically everything else  in between!  

The “show” concluded with Year 5 joining Year 6 to sing two of the songs from their recent end of year show “Let Loose”.   

The show had brought laughter and tears to nearly everyone – including to some of the participants!   

The headteacher, Mrs. Freeman, then shared some of the memories of the Year 6 children that the Year 5 children had shared with her. [This did not help to calm anyone’s emotions!]   

To cheer us all up, we then sang “My Light-House” complete with actions.   

Then Mrs. Freeman announced, and The Rev. Eileen presented, a variety of awards from Attendance Awards, through Behaviour, Code Club (presented by Gary Fairbrother), Effort and leaving the Foundation Stage.   

Finally, Year 6 children were presented with awards for graduating from Year 6. They were also given a Bible from the school, a book from the church and the after school club, OYM, and a gift from the P.F.T.A.!

The final award was given was “The Citizenship Award” which was presented to Ben.

During the service children led prayers – giving thanks for the past school year and praying for preparations for next year. They also gave thanks for all who were leaving the school and prayed for their future. They prayed for all the school – friends, teachers and parents.

Mrs. Freeman also thanked everybody for their contribution to the school and expressed her pride in all the pupils.   

Before the service ended Mrs. Freeman called Miss Watkinson to the front. Miss Watkinson has been the Class 2 teacher and is moving on at the end of this term. Mrs. Freeman thanked her for all she had done for the school and wished her well in the future.  

Appropriately, the final hymn that we sang was, “One more step along the World I go.”

Eileen concluded the service with prayers for Year 6, Miss Watkinson and their futures as well as praying that everyone has a good break and comes back refreshed.

After the final blessing Year 5 children once more made an archway for the Year 6 to children to go out through.  

We wish everybody from St. Mark’s School

a happy and relaxing holiday


best wishes for the future!

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