Jun 26

Vicar’s Newsletter July/August 2019


Dear Friends
Many of you by now will have met Ross, who has joined us as a retired minister along with his wife Jackie, but what many of you may not know is that he writes a weekly blogs about life, events, the news and his observations about it all and very good they are too.

A week or so ago he wrote about a project that was instigated by Emily Kasriel, a BBC editor and the aim was and is “to encourage people who are up for it to get out of their comfort zone and emerge from their screens to interact with the adult sitting next to them”, on public transport. As I read about it and saw the news items, I was both delighted and sad at the same time, delighted because it was such a simple idea to engage with others, but sad because…..really……do we need to be told to talk to others?  Well I think you will agree that actually we do.  I remember when I used to work and at that time I used to take my mum and dad to the shops, as both needed a helping hand.  They would take their time shopping and stop and talk to anyone and everyone, but for busy old me, it was sad to say a bit of an inconvenience.  “Right are you ready now or do you even know them?”,  I’d ask, wanting to get on with things.  My mum and dad passed away quite a few years ago now and through my description I may make them sound like right old busy bodies, but they weren’t.  They just continued the behaviour of that time years ago when you would have time to speak to each other.  And even now I get people coming up to me and saying your mum and dad used to really cheer me up, they always had a word for people and a funny quip.

Now that life has slowed down for me, I feel my parents character is beginning to grow more in me and I am returning to that age when we had time for each other. I find I am more at ease just passing a few minutes with somebody and anybody.  The other day I was crossing the road with others, who I don’t know, and a car surprisingly just stopped to let us cross.  “Well that was kind I said”, “yes it was” they replied and then a short conversation started up between us all about that very simple gesture.

In the bible you see Jesus on many, many, occasions, talking with people from all walks of life; spending time with them; listening to them, loving them.  You also read about Jesus spending an enormous amount of time talking to the Father, about all kind of issues: praying before selecting the disciples, giving thanks, asking for blessing before the miracles, asking for strength for comfort…the list goes on.

Last month I wrote about the importance of prayer………in other words our conversations with God.

How are you in your conversations with God and each other, are you missing out?

As we come into the summer…….(I’m sure it will be here any minute now) and you are out and about, but also at home, if you don’t already, why don’t you take on the challenge of conversation?  Why don’t we as a church try it, both with God and people we meet, or what about that phone call we keep meaning to make?

Even though the weather is not the best maybe we can make somebody’s day sunnier just by talking to them

Have a lovely Summer.

God Bless,

Love Rev Eileen

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