May 30

Vicar’s newsletter – June 2018


Dear Friends,

In a book I recently read called ‘live simply’, I saw this quote by Mother Theresa of Calcutta “peace begins with a smile”. The same day I watched a video on the computer entitled “If you could see inside”. It then showed all kinds of ordinary people in a variety of ordinary situations, just getting through their day. And as the camera focused on them for a short time a little caption bubble came up telling of their situation, such as: this man has just been given the all clear from tests for cancer, he was travelling up an escalator and was followed by another man whose caption was: this man has just been told there is nothing more to be done to help him medically. It pans to a hospital where a woman is leaving the building and the caption reads: this lady has just finished a 12 hour shift on a children’s ward and is now going to see her mum in the nursing home, where she is being cared for because she has dementia. We then see a young lady and the caption reads: it is the first anniversary of her husband’s death and then a young man and his caption reads: first time away from home, going to uni, nervous as anything. The film covered many aspects of life that just ordinary people have to deal with day in and day out and the film is helping us to see deeply behind the mask of normality that people wear and who reply “oh, okay” when asked how things are.

You know our attitudes to each other are so important, because we just don’t know what a person has gone through, is going through or is about to go through and our smile or bit of kindness may be the only thing to help them at that time. In the Police, when we described somebody we had come into contact with, we would use the phrase “Presents as”, in other words, their appearance and actions may not present a true picture of how they are really feeling or what they are going through.

In Matthews Gospel (Chpt7:12) we find a verse that is called Jesus Golden Rule, it says  12So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets……….. IN EVERY THING, treat others in the way you would wish to be treated. Even if they treat you well or not so well, you are to treat them as you would like to treat you.  You see it is not about them, it is about how we want to be now we have given ourselves to serve Jesus and follow his teachings and who as we know was pushed to the limit and yet still responded with love.

Jonathan Leech of Bellerive Catholic College in Liverpool writes ‘a smile can change how somebody may feel in an instant’.   Smiling has to be one of the easiest tasks in the world. It is something everybody can do. So as we enjoy this beautiful sunshine (long may it last), let us try to be as smiley as we can after all, did you know it takes 43 muscles to groan and just 17 to smile, and do you remember the phrase we used to see everywhere when we were younger ?

God bless, Love Eileen

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