Feb 28

Vicar’s Newsletter March 2018


Dear Friends,

As a prolific reader myself, who has had a lifetime of joy from the masses of books I have read over the years, I was delighted to see that our school has taken on the project of encouraging children to read books in extreme places, helping them to think outside the box, be adventurous and to try something new, whilst enjoying reading both fictional and factual books.

When do you get too old to try something new and adventurous, I hope never?  Jesus came to us to bring us something new.  To teach us a truth about God the Father, who he was so close to he called him ‘Abba’, today we would use the word daddy. Imagine that!  The creator of the whole universe and the One who is above all things, is also as close to us as a daddy is to a child, its mind blowing.

How do we know this?  Well, it is all there in the sixty six books of the bible, a library in one book of: poems, prayers, wisdom, history, letters telling us about our creator and of course the four gospels telling us all about the life of Jesus.

I get a real buzz listening to St Mark’s school children reading their books each week and conversing with them about what they are reading and hearing about their little lives in general.

It is sad to me that people can’t or don’t really read.  I feel books give such insight and knowledge to a world greater than the lives we lead. Iin my humble opinion, I believe they broaden the mind and I love the way they open up lives of people I would never know about and situations I could never hope to experience.

As we continue on our Lenten journey towards Easter, maybe this is a time when we could be adventurous too, try something new? Maybe we could join the children finding an extreme place to read, but with us reading the bible, how about it? Submit a photograph of yourself reading the bible in an extreme place and how about letting us know the verse or passage you are reading as well.

God Bless  

Love Rev Eileen  

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