Vicar’s Newsletter – October 2017

Dear Friends,

On the second week of September we had the first joint All Age Service with Bescar Lane Methodist Church and what a great service it was. Shall I tell you what my vision is for Scarisbrick? It is that the churches in this place will unite more and more to serve the people of this village. It has been happening for years before I came here. We have had many occasions together: courses, youth groups, schools Christmas services and now we are looking at groups for those who have been born earlier who live in our village.

In this month of celebrating the harvest being safely gathered in, a couple of thoughts have come to mind. The harvest is not just the job of the farmer is it?   If it was just the famer sowing, he would only reap what he had sown and with one person it would be a very small crop indeed, certainly not enough to feed a nation. So the farmer has the help of the farm hands, he has the help of the machinery, he shares the management of the land with many others looks to them for their advice and their expertise. As good and experienced as the farmer is, he still, if he is wise, takes the counsel, assistance and the wisdom both of those who have both gone before him and those who can share new ideas.

The farmer I don’t think has the attitude of “If you want to have something done properly, do it yourself”, it takes a team of people, just like any job where we are serving many people.

Jesus certainly did not subscribe to the “if you want to have something done well, do it yourself” philosophy.

Looked what happened when he preached to an enormous hungry crowd in the story of the feeding of the five thousand. (Matthew 14:13-21). Jesus didn’t say right watch me do this amazing miracle, you will love this. No. He asked for the help of his disciples and they found a small boy who was willing to share his packed lunch, of two fishes and five loaves.

Jesus thanked God for the food even though it was so little and asked God to bless it and we know that there was more than enough to feed the people in fact there was 12 baskets over.

What does this say to us? Even though God does not need us to help him to achieve things, he is the kind of God shown to us in Jesus who wants us to get involved, because God know that we are stronger and can do more together, and when we do this we can support each other and build Gods Kingdom in this place.

God bless Rev’d Eileen

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