Vicar’s Newsletter – September 2017

Dear Friends,

I hope, despite the poor summer weather, you managed to have a nice break. In our last magazine I highlighted that myself and my sister Elaine were going to Nigeria. But, as we all know, despite it all even the best laid plans sometimes don’t work out and so it was for us when our visas never transpired, so we were unable to go. So what to do? Sit around and mope or just get on with it in faith that it was neither good or bad it just was. In the great scheme of things when so much is happening around our world and with some people daily going through so much, our little upset was just that, an irritation, so we chose to get on with it and actually had a good time at home, so all was not lost.

Things are beginning to move forward with the church building. In a few weeks it will be painted and the sound system improved. As you will see from the notice in this magazine, our last service will be Harvest Festival and then we will decamp to The Good Shepherd Mission for our services until Remembrance Sunday. We are also, slowly and cautiously optimistic about the new annex going forward. It will be a great help for people to only have to go a few yards to use facilities instead of going to the Parish Hall, especially for those who have trouble walking , those who have young children and babies, and when the weather is poor.

Also news is that our friends from Bescar Lane Methodist Church will be joining us for the 2nd Sunday of the month when we will have an All Age Service. Maybe if you have not been to church this could be the service for you to come along to.

Or maybe you would like to join our twice monthly informal Saturday Mission Service on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at The Good Shepherd Mission.

Before my break I asked if the congregation would help by answering two questions. 1. What is your vision for St Marks and where would you like see St Marks in five years time. I am really heartened by the great suggestions and positive feedback I am beginning to get back and, when I have received more, I will collate the suggestions and we will discuss it with St Marks PCC and the congregation. Maybe as a resident of Scarisbrick Parish you have some good ideas that will help the church to reach out to our community with the love of God shown to use in Jesus.

Please read all the magazine there are lots of community events going on in the church which of course you are very welcome to come along to.

If you would like to come but have problems with transport, why not contact us and we will try to arrange a lift. email or ring me on 01704 880463

Love and God’s Blessing, Rev’d Eileen


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