Aug 21

Vicar’s newsletter September 2019


Dear Friends,

Good to write to you again after our month break. The other day I was driving along listening to “Pause for thought” on Radio two.  It was a lady who was telling us about her grandfather who had passed away and the enormous influence he had on her life and how much she was going to miss him.  Her closing sentence was “His song has now ended but the echo’s will go on.”

It touched me so much I had to stop the car and write the phrase down. I thought what a lovely metaphor to talk about somebody who she loved and the legacy he left.

It got me thinking about how Jesus continually used picture language to help teach: The seed, the vine, the lamb, the Good Shepherd to name just a few; and how, because it is quite poetic, it can speak to us in many different ways, depending on our life situation and the experiences we are going through at the time, maybe challenging us or comforting us.  Music and songs are the back drops to our lives aren’t they?  Words and tunes come to me and I think how do I remember them?

That image of a life being a song really got me thinking.  I asked God the question “If I was a song Lord, what song would I be?  And the answer is that throughout my life the melody and the words change, from maybe a lullaby to a right old sing along anthem, from a sad song to rocking dance around your handbag singsong, such are the life experiences I have had.

But I want to leave you with these thoughts, the bible tells us that from dust we come and to dust we are returning.  It is inevitable for all of us.  We are all pilgrims, passing through his world to our promised land and eternity, in the presence of God.  So, using the example of a song to describe our life and where we are heading, can we ask ourselves, “Who is orchestrating the words and the melody of my song?” and “What echoes will I leave behind for others to carry on singing?”

God bless Rev’d Eileen.

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