Oct 31

Visiting Speakers October 2018


At his aunt Mollie’s suggestion, Matt Rimmer came to visit us at The Good Shepherd Mission on the morning of Saturday 27th October to give us his testimony and tell us how he came to be working for “Youth for Christ”.

As Eileen introduced him, she told us how she and Matt had met. When Mollie suggested that he came to speak to us, The Rev. Eileen thought that she should phone him to check that he would be a suitable speaker. When he answered the phone she said something like, “Hello Matt. It’s The Rev. Eileen Heaney here” and was very surprised when he replied something like, “Hi! Eileen! How are you?” She was confused until he said, “Eileen! It’s me, Matty!” Then the penny dropped. She knew Matty and had worked with him, some years ago when they were both at St. John’s, Burscough!

Matt (or Matty as Eileen would call him) told us of his difficult early childhood and how he’d been adopted by lovely people but had nevertheless been a challenging, wayward child. However, his life turned around when he went to a youth group at St. John’s, led by Joanna. He had really wanted to be a pilot but, after getting to know Jesus and having a gap year at Burton Youth for Christ, he realised that what he really wanted to do was work with troubled young people to help them know Jesus and turn their lives around. Now he works for Burton Youth for Christ, which he was to tell us more about the following day.

It was a very inspiring talk as Matt spoke with confidence, humour and humility.

So Matt duly joined us on Sunday 28th October, at St. Mark’s church for the 11.00 a.m. Communion Service. The Rev. Eileen led this but Matt did the talk, on “Youth for Christ”.

He began telling us about “Youth for Christ” by showing us a thought provoking video that you can see here. [https://yfc.co.uk/ourstory

He then went on to tell us more about the organization with examples of particular young people he had worked with. He used a text, Jeremiah 17 verses 7-8, to emphasise the need to build up trust in young people – if they are trusted then they will learn to trust.

If you heard Matt on Saturday but were unable to come on Sunday, or if you want to learn more about “Youth for Christ” do check out their website at https://yfc.co.uk .

However Matt was not the only visitor to St. Mark’s this weekend. Jenni also came to visit us on the Saturday – this time at 3.00 p.m. in St. Mark’s Parish Church. Jenni came at the behest of Janette, who introduced her, and people from a variety of churches across Southport and Lancashire came to hear her speak.

Jenni explained that she was a Jew with Jewish blood going back many generations on both her mother’s and her father’s side of the family. She too had had a troubled childhood. In her case her father, who she described as a “control freak” had been imprisoned for 19 years when he was convicted for murder when she was a young child.

She told us some of the twists and turns that her life had taken and how now she was a Christian living in Israel. She then went on to tell us of the challenges that this presented. The talk was very interesting and strongly Bible based.

We would like to say





Matt and Jenni

for taking the time and trouble to come and visit us

and for inspiring us with their stories.

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