Mar 19

Walking for Kauane 2019


O.Y.M. (On Your Marks), the St. Mark’s after School Club, sponsors Kauane, a girl supported by the charity ReVive International in Brazil.  In order to do this they have to raise an average of at least £35 per month.

In order to be able to do this, the club undertakes fundraising activities from time to time.  This year they decided to do a sponsored walk, from St. Mark’s School to TESCO.

And so it was that children and adults from the club, supported by members of St. Mark’s church, set off, in the rain, from St. Mark’s School, soon after 3.00 p.m. on Monday, 18th March 2019!

Our first stop was at the local bus stop, because somebody (who shall remain nameless) had something in her shoe and wanted to stop to tip it out.  So we stopped by the bus stop (as there was a bit more space there) – to the confusion of a passing bus driver who probably thought we wanted to get on his bus!  And then this nameless person said that she had already got rid of the stone!

We then carried on for a while until, soon after we’d passed the sign to Southport attractions, a car pulled up along side us and a strange man got out!

I quickly reminded the children that they must never speak to strange men but the words were hardly out of my mouth when the man brandished a box of chocolates at us and everybody flocked round him!

I remonstrated with them and asked, “What did I just tell you?” to which Libby replied, “We weren’t speaking to him, we were just eating his chocolates!”  Well, I have to admit it wasn’t really such a strange man after all!  Thanks for the chocolate boost, Paul!

After a number of moans of “Are we nearly there yet?” we finally reached the approach to TESCO!

“Get out of the way, Paul. We need a photo of everyone to prove we all got here!
YAY! We made it!!!

When we entered the store we were greeted by TESCO’s Community Champion, Barbara Murray, who escorted us up to the café.  (It was nice to get warm and dry!) 

As we settled down there, TESCO kindly treated us to drinks of squash, biscuits and fruit.  (They also gave Eileen a bag of “goodies” yet to be revealed to the children!)

Whilst we were finishing our food and drink, Eileen signed certificates for all the children to enable them to prove to their sponsors that they had actually completed the walk!

She presented each child with his/her certificate before everyone departed.

Well done everybody


and, at the time of writing, you have raised more than £370 and I know there is more to come!

On behalf of O.Y.M. and REVIVE may I say a



everybody who took part in this walk


all you bighearted sponsors

and to

Barbara and TESCO for their generous support.

Thank you all

very much indeed!

For more information about REVIVE International click here

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