Oct 24

Welcome to Jennifer!


On Sunday 22nd October 2017, we were delighted to welcome The Venerable Jennifer McKenzie, Archdeacon of Wigan and West Lancashire, to our 11.00 a.m. service at The Good Shepherd Mission.

Eileen introduced Jennifer and welcomed her on our behalf. Jennifer told us a little bit about herself including the fact that she had just returned from a two week, working trip to our link diocese Virginia. She also said that when she was discussing what she should wear for the service with Eileen, Eileen had suggested green. Jennifer then realised that the only green stole that she had featured “The Good Shepherd” and his flock, and had been made for her by friends at The Good Shepherd Church, back home in America, for when she was ordained Deacon in 2004! Very appropriate!

Eileen led the service and Jennifer gave the talk! She began with some very corny “knock, knock” jokes and was relieved when the congregation enthusiastically responded, “Who’s there”! [I think she wasn’t sure that the humour of such jokes crossed the Atlantic!] The first two jokes were corny but the third, about bananas and an orange, produced groans! [Come back Andy all is forgiven! (Only joking!)]

The Gospel reading was the question, put to Jesus, about paying taxes. [Matthew 22 v15-22]. Jennifer reminded us that Caesar, the head on the coin was not only an emperor but regarded by many as a God. Thus the coin could be regarded as a “Graven image”. No wonder Jesus addressed the Pharisees, who commended the 10 commandments, as “hypocrites” when they showed him the coin.

Jennifer concluded her talk by reminding us that God was in all of us. At the end she reversed the “knock, knock” exchange and asked us to say, ‘Knock, Knock”, to which she responded, “Who’s there?” whilst pointing to her chest. Our answer to the question was to be God!

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