Oct 17

Welcome to Pauline!


On Sunday 15th October it was lovely for us all to welcome The Rev. Pauline Bicknell, the recently appointed, priest in charge of Ormskirk Parish Church, to our 11.00 a.m. service at The Good Shepherd Mission.

After introducing Pauline, Eileen led the communion service.

Pauline gave the talk based on the parable of the Wedding Feast [Matthew 22 v 1-14]. She discussed what our attitude to going to a specific wedding might be – depending on how well we got on with the people getting married, the timing of the wedding (did it clash with something else we were hoping to do?) and the costs involved our attitude might be ambivalent!  She then likened the attitudes of the wedding guests in the parable with our attitudes to going to church saying that basically both were about our relationship with God (the king in the parable) and our priorities in life.

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